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Yang Chen over and over again to read a few pages of the menu , frowning much deliberation, toothy smiles:”That …… a cup of chrysanthemum tea, drop down as not very good , the cheapest kind of like replica Chanel “male waiter smiles a stiff, awkward replied:”Sir , we are cafes, no tea , but did not chrysanthemum tea …… Replica Chanel handbags is where the money to buy.”" that should glasses , water money it ?”Yang Chen asked distress .”Uh …… the water is there , but sir, you really only need to water it?” Male paternity Yang Chen ‘s eyes look a bit weird , he can not seem to understand, and the name of the goddess -like character as a friend to come and would be a cup of water guests. Been coldly looking at the woman suddenly glanced Yang Chen look for male Samurai :..”Give him the cup of Naples , American taste”"Good Miss Lin”male paternity as panic amnesty camel back out.Yang Chen is the face of a grief ,”I said …… Miss, you name is Lin is not it, Miss Lin , I have no money you gave me something to Naples, a few hundred dollars a cup , I have to sell thousands of mutton string na !”" I ask you .”Organisation of Dai Mei , impatient woman authentic .”It’s not you , please do not ask me questions, my income does not allow me to drink this grade of coffee. Besides, I am an able-bodied , non- illiterate MAN, how can a girl ask me to covet you do drink coffee ? , you know , although I am poor at home , whatever the outcome is also a decent person can not swindling punks.If I drink coffee, of course, to drink their own money , you can actually do, how I do not like coffee ……”" I ask you , are not you here I will lift, and the replica Chanel bags we also take away !”the woman said something some crashes , but it took a step back , make a cup of coffee people are so much nonsense.But they face serious Yang Chen , solemnly authentic:”Miss Lin , the ancients say, gentlemen do not eat handout , you are on my charity, you look down on my income does not matter, look down on my social status , yes I would a hawker selling mutton string.but you can not insult my personality , trample my pride ……”" Enough ! ! !”Paizhuo forest beauties suddenly stood up , full of ups and downs chest ,”You has finished forever , I do not have so much mess with you pull crap !”Carter , Yang Chen has also chatter immediately stopped , as if a different man , his face showing a bit proud smile,”Lin Miss, it is only right , young and passionate point , do not always board with a face, I see you angry expression than the cold with a face look more beautiful .”" You …… Tomorrow the money to buy replica Chanel uk bag.”no lady style , the forest beauties ass sat back position, a pair of U.S. bubbling shiny apricot eye staring Yang Chen ,”I do not have to listen to you gab these , now , you find something to talk about .”"Well , what happened .” Yang Chen spoke, he will own a rack in the leg leather seats , dumped rubber slippers , with one hand buckle wedge a foot.A hot weather it is easy to some itching, Yang Chen is not considered a branch of the buy creams Mama.See this scene, Lin Ruo River was about to open discourse and paused, subconsciously cover your cute little Yao nose , frowning: .”You can not fail to do this disgusting action”Yang Chen indifferent smile ,”Hey , feet itch scratched on his own , justified, what disgusting.suppressing what living death .”Lin Ruo River swear , the first time she had ever seen such a shameless person , although by a preliminary understanding, know this person just a hawker selling mutton string can then also how he deflowered in the fact that he has not changed , the next thing , had to be wrong wrong ……”Yang Chen ……”"Wait !”Yang Chen again Lin Ruo River blocked words .”And how is it?” Lin Ruo River some mad , a bit of blood on the Bay on a cold face blush.Yang Chen , embarrassed and said:”Miss Lin , you see, ah , you know my name, but also know that I was caught by the police , it is obvious that you investigated me but I do not even know your name., you say something to talk about with me , this is not some ……”Then, also looked greedily Lin Ruo River glances , licked his lips .

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Yang Chen saw this scene, while the pupil contraction, gasped authentic:”Miss Lin , you would not because I do not want to marry you , you are going to jump off the balcony bar …… and she bought the Louis Vuitton replica handbags really is too beautiful. But from the rose appeared,”Lin Ruo River are like no smell , without a word to continue toward the balcony walked.If the forest near the river on the edge of the balcony so slowly , readily pulled over a chair , stepping on a chair near a wall fence.

This time Yang Chen hesitate, this girl does not really temper so fierce it , you know to jump from the balcony , and fell hard and stone floor below , live disabled ah …… However , Lin Ruo River move immediately told Yang , how is her determination terror Chen …… those Hermes replica handbags you can not love. indifference , Lin Ruo Xi looked back Yang Chen a , her eyes filled with decisive , disgust, pain and sadness , as if the whole soul in a beautiful shell in much suffering in general, trying to escape …… eye contact , Yang Chen felt his heart burst convulsions, he is too familiar with the eyes, so the eyes are too deep in his own image as an indelible mind , is that the image , so he broke more than six months before the ten years of bloody foreign yoke, returned to his birth country …… but now, if the river from the eyes of the forest , Yang Chen once again recalled too tried to forget but can not forget something , Yang Chen lost in this moment.Lin Ruo Xi Yang Chen saw stood there transfixed , does not seem to want much said , my heart jumped to his own miserable …… even if the man is also indifferent , he is not drinking, not didn’t like cheap replica handbags. Re- think his virginity in his pain , various stresses of life work in the family disputes , Lin Ruo River collapsed feel really alive …… what does that mean ? Dead once and for all it ……

At this time, holding a tray of coffee ready to be finished upstairs young male waiter went to the stairs, into the eyes of one that is ready to jump off the floor if the forest creek shadows .”Ms. Lin Lin …… ! What do you do ? Dangerous ah !”Male waiter Carter, a figure suddenly ran across his eyes with a blur effect , like a movie special effects quickly ! Lin Ruo river of tears, a sudden jump up and downstairs , a pair of strong hands suddenly around the United States to live their own fiber waist, stopped his jumping action. It all happened so split, stairs male waiter did not see how, on the balcony to see , that a man dressed rough , embrace the beauty of being waist, two quiet , motionless silence standing on the balcony of , Is really like Gucci replica handbags…… sunlight on the balcony of emerald green plants , light green map with the young men and women , and the atmosphere seemed peaceful and evocative ambiguous. Male waiter relieved at the same time , secretly envy this man can actually happen this relationship with Ms. Lin such great beauty , after coffee quietly put away , back downstairs. Lin Ruo Xi feel instantly from hell to heaven , she did not know how to do Yang Chen is at this moment to move to the back of his own , she has no desire to think about these things, she only felt one pair of fiery arms are tightly arm around his waist, tight get some stinging. The man heavy breath , slowly being sprayed in their sensitive jade back.

“Let me go , you stop me now, I will still wait for the next to die .” Lin Ruo River ‘s face flushed , still stubborn authentic. Yang Chen took a deep breath , as if to breathe and enjoy the forest if the river comes out of the body seductive body fragrance, her body fragrance with a hint of jasmine taste , smell too many perfumes Need Yang Chen , feel that this is better than all the shares of body fragrance .”Lin Ruo River, I lose, I married you .” Yang Chen sighed softly.Lin Ruo River Jiaoqu totally startled, then fell silent.They have won it? But why , a little joy did not ? Yes, this is just a man used as a shield , he is still unclear Ecstasy himself killed when his infidelity, he hated himself , how will love him, do not love him , how he would be happy with married?

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Yang Chen is not stopped , continued: .”If you really are a conservative woman , you can not accept their virginity was not a love away , I sympathize with you, I also feel sorry and guilty if you willing , I will seriously pursue you until you really like me , so , we’ll get married , I can accept it. as I would not really love you, no doubt, I think it was a normal man , are not suspect your charm.

But also not to buy soccer replica jerseys……. you want me to do just to shield your career posing as the husband of three years , I will not accept Yang Chen .”" Well, why do you seek me …… pursue me? your lamb skewers it?”Lin Ruo River really angry , arrogant man she inexplicably.From small to large , no man would refuse her any unreasonable demands , I did not expect , and now there is a man like ants refused to marry her ! Yang Chen seems to be back askew rogue look, hehe smiles:”You see , ah, I grew up handsome , so manly , and delicious grilled lamb skewers , living it, plain living , traditional good man advantages , more importantly , I am a good woman , if for his wife , that’s even better friends ……”" Enough !”Lin Xi afraid to hear anymore if he would go ballistic ,”a one hundred million ! buy you three !

I forgot to buy you cheap football shirts.”" it’s not a question of money ……”" a one hundred million years !”Lin Ruo River reduced requirements huff authentic. Yang Chen is still shaking his head ,”even one hundred one hundred million will not work, this is a matter of principle .” ,”Do you believe I can make you come out from the police station , but also let you into prison pending a lifetime !”Lin Ruo River eyes were red , heart burst wronged, bitterly.Yang Chen laughed ,”Why ? Did Ms. Lin to tell the police , last night I raped you so! ? But I clearly remember many times Ms. Lin initiative to do ……”"You …… I …… I …… you ……”Lin Ruo River white white teeth biting pink thin lips , tears of pain suddenly burst grievances general overflow from the eyes ,”Yang Chen , you shameless !

I send you a few cheap soccer jerseys.” if it is more than six months ago, there was a woman in tears in front of Yang Chen , Yang Chen when she was only a smoke bomb enemy stimulation , also, or deliberately acting to relax vigilance , but perhaps the temptation to put on a delicate and charming look yourself …… but now , they have eyes with love of a beautiful woman , apparently really stimulated by his own words of crying.Involuntary , Yang Chen felt guilty heart burst , although I think a lot of words did wrong , but for a modern woman twenty years to retain virginity , this is indeed some cruel.”Well, do not cry …… it is not enough to give you an apology .” Yang Chen slightly irritably touched his coat pocket , can be touched empty , then remembered he recently thinking about quitting cigarettes have gone with him.Pear Creek rain forest if Qiaolian arouses pity infinite , but this chick is also stubborn Lord, cry out after two rows of Tears , Zhang took out a tissue to wipe the next, then forced to hold back , but the red -eyes Dengzhu Yang, Chen said:”I ask you again , do not marry you marry me ?

Club Football shirts temporarily do not buy.”" I said Miss Lin , and this year there are beautiful women how to pull a man when her husband insists things ? I made ??it very clear that I will not accompany you to play this silly game for three years .”Yang Chen sighed , stood up , planning to leave.Lin Ruo River this does not say anything , but his eyes showed Jisi sad , and looked a numb simultaneously stood up, took the lead towards the cafe on the second floor balcony door. Relatively spacious terrace cafe , stood a few umbrellas wearing exquisite small table on the balcony decorated with a variety of bonsai plants , look fresh and pleasant .

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” Lin Ruo River , should the if , stream brook …… can talk things right.Many fans wearing soccer replica jerseys. Urban atmosphere was swept.”Lin Ruo River suddenly some regret their decision , in front of a man face evil, with their thought honest man is simply bad days to do , you can own determination thing has never changed again in the room , so stiff- scalp , Lin is still going to be in the end if the creek .

“Lin , if , river ……”Yang Chen seems aftertaste whispered shouted several times,”Yes, this pretty with your name.Or in cheap soccer jerseys,”" My grandfather gave me made ??, but that is not the point , I need you to do one thing .”Lin Ruo Xi think his name shouted out from this rogue mouth seemed sick. Yang Chen Lin Ruo River looked wary ,”That …… Miss Lin , you would not let me repay my debt of gratitude to bail you , I do not have money , a rotten life .” See Yang Chen did put a”delicate and charming”looks like , if the forest creek just felt a nauseating , too lazy to look, turned his head and said: .” marry me”" What ? !”" marry me ……”Lin Ruo River ruddy geothermal energy flowing juice , the repeated times, Yin sound like a small place with mosquitoes.Yang Chen or suspect you got it wrong, carefully affixed to the front ear , dry place and asked:”Miss Lin , you say clearly, how do I feel I have some auditory hallucinations …… She bought you Cheap Youth Soccer Uniforms Store.”

“you do not hear voices ,” Lin Ruo River seemed determined to restore the look of cold expression,”I say to you ! ! marry me marry immediately ,”a word for word jumped into the ear after Yang Chen , Yang Chen had to admit that he did not hear voices, could not help a wry smile and said:” Miss Lin , are you too …… it is too hasty , not because of the time with me on the bed , you say marry me now.marriage event that is related to people ‘s life, I think you need to seriously consider , not on impulse .”Yang Chen told her this is not a joke , but is the earnest face of Lin Ruo River, I want her to understand. Lin Ruo River is a direct shook his head,”I’m not a child , I know what I’m doing , I not very young , the married, but has not the right person …… Of course, you do not think you’re the right person.for some reason, last night happened ……”Here, Lin Ruo River Qiaolian involuntarily under the red , but immediately goes on :” I can clearly tell you that I am a very conservative woman. Rather than be forced to turn nasty unfamiliar with other men to get married, you might as well choose , at least I put my first gave you”Yang Chen thought for a moment , mouth sneered:” Miss Lin , I know what you mean thou shalt marriage is just a decoration , but as with your hero , I compared with those of other candidates , apparently you think the easiest control over it.

This soccer jerseys uk put it in your body.” Lin Xi is said to be the center of things if , inevitably some uncomfortable, but did not deny nodded ,”Yang Chen , I can guarantee that if you with me, after three years , up to three years , and so my career is completely secure , we will sub stuff , do not bear any responsibility for , and I will give you a large reward , than you sell ten selling mutton string more than life ,”" Miss Lin ……”Yang Chen has been cold face down, pondering laugh: .” it seems you do not get one thing though I am poor, just selling mutton string , but does not represent me. would have no feelings for the money with a woman doing a couple basis , even if it is false and you can say I am hypocritical , stupid , self-righteous , but I this person, no other temper , is more stubborn and I have my principles , I dictionary, there is no ‘ sham marriage ‘ is a word .”" You ……”Lin Xi indeed if I did not expect , in their eyes no longer an obscure places selling mutton string humble smelly man rejects their demands, even if it is false husband and wife, he do not know how lucky I hope the whole of the mirage close to their own , have been excluded so!

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The Spanish national team launched a new away football shirts, the advanced Adidas jersey will accompany the Spanish national team for the World Cup Soccer Jerseys in Brazil.
In November last year, the Spanish national team released the team in the world cup in Brazil’s home football shirts, Casillas live speech, he also hope this football shirts can continue the Spain national team in the 2010 South Africa World Cup glory. So far, the Spanish national team has “be fully equipped for”, the new away kit is black as the keynote, with fluorescent color fringe, low-key show the Spanish national team’s temperament.
Black with fluorescent color inspiration from the Spanish culture, is cheerful, active, lively, financing and colorful characteristics, profound. The black backed three fluorescent color fringe, meaning the Spanish team fans passion on the upcoming summer bloom. The field away kit will debut in March 5th of this year’s World Cup warm-up game against Italy in spain.

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Adidas as one of earth’s most famous sports brand, always adhere to the scientific concept of supreme. Spain’s away kit using adizero technology, can maximize the potential of players on the field, with the most comfortable feeling play every game. It is worth mentioning that, in the World Cup Soccer Jerseys in Brazil, the team design Adidas specifically for their sponsorship of the history of the light competition uniforms. Nowadays, shorts are using new woven light fabric, permeability is better, lighter weight. These innovations will make the world’s top players have more freedom of movement, the body feeling more comfortable, but also can ensure that New Jersey in the Brazil world cup of elasticity and durability.

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Manchester City  in the FA Cup game 2-0 victory over Chelsea 8 in advance , Vidic and Nasri to score the ball team winning hero , instigated team first goal and an assist to send Silva has been selected as the best player . But the Manchester City full credit for winning attributed to the frontcourt is not fair , because the important factors Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany excellent play in the defensive end also Manchester City can win today. Kompany excellent play of the World Cup Soccer Jerseys game , let the fans see him be able to limit the Macy ‘s hope.

The game, Kompany and Lescott halfback partner portfolio , partner in the two previous five games , and only lost to Manchester City won all three goals . The game, Manchester City defender this partner also continued the previous outstanding performance . The first 15 minutes , as both teams dare to attack, and therefore led Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany and nothing good play of the cheap Soccer Jerseys game. Wait until Vidic helped lead Manchester City , Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany led gradually began to withstand attack from Chelsea .

Adjara in the race led Chelsea little group again launched an offensive attack to Manchester City ‘s penalty area , but the face of the Chelsea attack very flexible little group , height 1 meter 90 Kompany not only brave, fearless , daring dare fight, but he did not explicitly bulky , general guarding him as Tarzan Chelsea defense before the little man Manchester City players were nowhere to flee . Match the first 38 minutes , the Azar field before an exquisite pass then turned to his teammates after trying to shake openings Trapani defense, but a Ehupushi severely Manchester City gates will turn Azar flutter to the Soccer Jerseys ground, although Kompany pay the costs to get a yellow card , but let Adjara in the next game does not dare challenge the unbridled Belgium tower. Subsequently , Chelsea free kick into the box , Kompany timely manner at the most crucial position the ball to the top of the danger zone.

The first 53 minutes when Kompany formed outside the penalty area on a counterattack after one steals the ball, but his teammates failed to hear from him to pass the ball back in the ring , otherwise Manchester City will get a good chance to counterattack . After 1 minute, Chelsea tried to right diagonal pass into the penalty area , but also the position of the ball is the key Kompany stopped . He was like a mountain located in the former Manchester City defense as Chelsea ‘s attack although it looks Soccer Jerseys sharp , but always insurmountable Kompany this mountain. The first 61 minutes , and is a key steal Kompany field after the end of Chelsea ‘s first attack , the Blues offensive players who face Kompany finisher , fear is Lianku have a heart .

The first 76 minutes when Kompany and steals down the field after the Chelsea players once the threat passes , followed by the famous commentator Zhan Jun praised: . ” Kompany tackle very critical” game guest commentator Zhang Lu also said: ” Kompany ability to read the game is really super .” wait until after the end of the game , Zhang Lu guidance also little analysis says Chelsea attack group in front Kompany is encountered no small difficulty , and praised Kompany today the performance is as fine a .

Kompany outstanding performance today and Zhang Lu and other experts on his evaluation and analysis , but also people saw Kompany to limit Messi in the Champions League game with hope . And Chelsea frontcourt offensive player similar to Barcelona [ microblogging ] offensive players to smaller players are also based, maybe people will think tall in front of rivals Manchester City defense will attack group is easily flexible tear wear , but the fact seems not so. Kompany , who tall but not stupid, superior ability to read the game and grab the opportunity to grasp on to make up for lack of mobility can be well on .

Therefore, the game defensively against Azar et al , there is reason to believe Kompany Manchester City led the defense can match with Barcelona Messi restrictions on the maximum degree. In addition to outstanding performance in defense , the game Kompany also has excellent offensive play Nasri scored the game ‘s second goal came from the attacks by his Houchangchangzhuan ball . After the game, ” Manchester Evening News ” to the hole team score a game-high nine points , so that the media also praised him: ” The Manchester City captain did a great job , he was simply rejected the transfer to Chelsea , also participated in the the team’s second goal . ”

In an interview after the game station ITV1 interview , hole team says : “Today we have successfully completed the revenge , 12 days before the game and they are very bad , we gave too many opportunities for Chelsea , of course, we also created some opportunities. today, we adapt the Chelsea game, they play like last time , this time we feel very adaptable . this win is very great , because Chelsea is really very strong, we like the FA Cup , I think this game is very important for this tournament game, and we also win the game feel very happy . “

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AP for Chelsea , West Bromwich Albion ‘s Hawthorns , not a blessed land . Especially in the last two seasons , the home team in front of the Blues made ??a two -game winning streak . Three months ago , the penalty home game with Chelsea last minute of injury time barely get a draw with rivals . Today’s game World Cup Soccer Jerseys, three points need to expand the top edge Chelsea still could not win, but the Blues lost two points , but it is the most recent heady David – Lewis , only one reason: he was from the waist position fight back defender .

In fact , today’s game , Lewis ‘s performance in the first half want to relatively stable, even in the first half stoppage time as well as an assist . At the time, William right corner, Lewis throw off the defense before the point , he wanted to volley hit the door, but the ball flew to the point , the results of follow-up in place of Ivanovic and score a goal with a 1-0 Chelsea leading into the lounge.

In defense, Lewis first half of the performance is relatively calm , the whole game , he tackles two times , nine times rescue, 4 steals , such data , to say the least qualified. However, Lewis calmly , occurs only in the first 60 minutes of the game . The first 81 minutes , West Brom counterattack, Anichebe Field Road before advancing , under Louis helpless to put down, and therefore eat a yellow card . Ensuing free kick , although Lewis barely out of the cheap Soccer Jerseys penalty area the ball destroyed , but his siege, in fact, there are suspects foul . The first 86 minutes , Bella Sinoe pass in the left front top right corner ball Anichebe nodded the ball into the goal , but Anichebe before the header , it is pulling away from the Louis defense. BBC noted that such a detail , in this defense, Lewis is the last action Anichebe pull the jersey , but even so, it failed to block the opponent’s header .

Mourinho said after the game : “For Manchester City, we get a lot of opportunities to kill the game, but we did not grasp , Manchester City could have equalized , but the Soccer Jerseys difference is that we do not make mistakes on defense ; And today we made a few mistakes on defense , and their goal is the inevitable result of ” energy assists for his teammates , Lewis plays the angel ; while their own mistakes lead to lose the ball , Lewis has become a devil.
For a long time , the problem is that the performance of Lewis is not stable enough . Good mood , he ‘s good enough to be on the state of the headlines ; When in a bad mood , his state is bad enough to the headlines. For example, just joined Chelsea in 2011 when he could have scored at home against Manchester United game winning goal against Manchester United away when you can gift a month after the opening will eventually winner away to Manchester United . However , in the eyes of Mourinho , or as Lewis left a position . On the pitch, playing halfback for Louis unstable performance , Mourinho will position the premise Louis , so he played defensive midfielder, this way, Louise fierce defensive characteristics of its head, and also to participate in a timely attack . Off the field , even in the presence of reporters Mourinho embrace Louis, also shattered the previous ” Louis is not happy at Chelsea ,” the rumors.

However, as captain John Terry ‘s injury, Lewis had returned to the guard position , while the problem is due to this : In the list of Chelsea’s first team , the only Soccer Jerseys standing defender John Terry , Cahill and Louis III a ( Ivan has stabilized at right-back position ) , payable in the case of two- or multi-line operations , such a configuration is clearly not enough . Earlier, Mourinho had put Chelsea this season as a ” pony ” , presumably including the problem of insufficient thickness lineup . Fortunately, this club has had reserves : the winter transfer period, they have acquired Zuma . Although the second half of the season , Saint-Etienne Zuma will represent the home team played, but in the next season , when the Blues squad has enough thickness , Mourinho ‘s team will be the biggest winner Top .

Manchester United was the best month only twice genius Reds ace Johnson


Manchester United ‘s official website announced the team ‘s best player winners in January , Belgian genius Gunuzhayi beat Welbeck elected , this was his second time this season the club was elected the World Cup Soccer Jerseys best month , second only to the team ace Rooney [ micro Bo ] three times.

February 5 will celebrate their 19th birthday Jianuzhayi , also by virtue of January ‘s outstanding performance , earning himself a birthday gift – Player of the Month Club . Gunuzhayi appearances for Manchester United in the January 7 , with the outstanding performance to win the Manchester United official website cheap Soccer Jerseys as well as six other foreign civilian global network of 75% of the voting , and Smolin beat Welbeck , Manchester United in January became the most good players, Gunuzhayi £ 500 prize will also be donated to charity.

Gunuzhayi also expressed at the time of award of the fans , teammates and coaches thanks , expressed the hope that the coming months could get more optimal . ” I want to Soccer Jerseys thank all the fans , my teammates and coaches , I am very pleased to be able to get this award , I hope this is not the last one, I hope that the future could get more awards .” When asked whether to hear the fans chant when his name, birthday girl Jianuzhayi very happy: “Of course, heard , and I loved it , the fans singing can give me the power , I am enjoying it all .”

Manchester United Player of the Month selection this season , Rooney has won three times ( September , November and December ) , Gunuzhayi twice ( October and January ) , Robin van Persie once ( August )

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